LOL!! See The 11 Types Of Passengers That Are Most Dreaded By Uber & Taxify Drivers



The ride-share service is fast becoming a big source of employment and extra-income for Nigerians.

In Nigeria, the biggest provider of ride-share service are Uber, Taxify and OgaTaxi.

However, like most businesses, this service comes with some peculiar customer relations challenge.

Being a ride-share driver – especially in Lagos – is not an easy enterprise. You get to experience all sorts.

As a ride-share driver, if there is any quality that one needs to have, it is an incredible degree of the spirit of endurance.

Anyway, below is a list of some types of passengers that ride-share drivers dread.

1. The Unruly Ones

There are the type of passengers that can provoke one to the point that one might need to pull over and ask them to come down from the car.

2. The Intoxicated Ones

These type typically request for rides from Club houses, bars and party venues. The moment they board, the car automatically starts smelling of liquor.

Throughout the journey, they leave you praying that they do not leave vomit in your car. They are the reasons why you always have polythene bags in your glove compartment.

3. The Free Riders

These ones never have the intension of paying for the ride. They look for every reason to get into a fight with the driver. They throw needless tantrums.

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All these so that they can have an excuse not to pay. These drama kings and queens usually have no qualms hurling insults at you.

4. The Late Arrivers

These types have no problem keeping you waiting for them until it is ultra convenient for them to come to the car.

Some spend more time keeping you waiting than it takes to make the trip.

5. The Viciously Sarcastic Ones

These types are very witty and diplomatic with insults. When they are done with you, they leave you feeling so good with yourself. This type can tell you to go to hell and you would be gladly looking forward to the journey.

6. The Low Raters

These are the ones that nothing gives greater pleasure than to rate you very low to your employers.

7. Speed Racers

They order you to over speed to their destination. They also encourage you to beat the traffic light, take the one-way route and to infringe on as many traffic laws as possible. They stop short of blaming you for their failure to get prepared on time for the trip.

8. The Royal Ones

These ones come convinced that you are way beneath them. They believe that they are royalty – and you are their subject. And so, you must worship them.

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9. The Shady or Criminally-minded Ones

They typically board the car in numbers. They discuss amongst themselves in highly coded language or slangs. When on the phone, they speak in codes or near whisper.

They can change the course of the journey as many times as possible for no reason. They also instruct the driver to avoid routes with police presence. Their presence often betray the smell of cheap hard drugs.

10. The Wanderers

These ones are those who will initiate a journey with no specific destination. They just instruct you to drive.

11. The Ones With Dangerous and Risky Destinations

They request for rides to the most dangerous part of town. These are the type of trips you find yourself reciting the Rosary as many times as possible.


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